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Practical Meditations by Kirby de Lanerolle

Tohu Wa Bohu - Secret of the Golden Flower Meditation with Kirby de Lanerolle

Tohu Wa Bohu – The formless void of nothingness is the genesis of the matrix. An ancient echo from a seeker in the night “How can a man be born a second time one asks”. Elijah’s ascent up the dark mountain is this journey. The crucible from death to life. The re-entering of the primordial womb of creation. Out of chaotic darkness shines bright the face of Christ. An initiation to be repeated, and never the same. The most important initiation that is in every mystic’s destiny.

The Tohu Wa-Bohu has been conceptualized by studying the desert fathers Hesychasm’s. It was known by Diadochos of Photiki, Gregory Palamas & St. John of Sinai as a ‘Ladder of Divine’ accent that goes beyond concepts, language & images into stillness and dispassion.

The desert fathers teach the realization of the energy of God as “light” and breathing the Divine names as praying without ceasing.

Surprisingly “The Secret of the Golden Flower” (written originally in AD 600’s) which is universally accepted as a Taoist Classic contains many a mention of biblical concepts and narratives with stark similarity. One such parallel is a practice similar to Elijah’s ascent up the dark mountain (Tohu Wa-Bohu). These protocols employed once investigated by historians and mystics were found to be following biblical narratives and concepts.

With further investigation the true source of this seemingly extra-Christian document previously deemed as ‘Eastern’ or even ‘New Age’, The English translator of this text: Rev. Richard Wilhelm conjectured that the Secret of the Golden Flower could actually be an encrypted Christian Text hidden and encrypted due to the persecution faced by Nestorian Christians living in China in the 6th Century.

This text mentions that practitioners might experience an emancipation from the “body of death” which draws significant parallels to Romans 7:24. It is also mentioned that after 90-days of this practice mystics emerge as the “shining ones” reversing the light within self.